Why are Black people being hurt, here in America? This is Regan’s question. In the first installment of BKBXKids! “Asks Why” series, Regan will use her own experience to guide us. This sticky question transforms into a wide space for exploration using embodied poetry, hands-as-puppets, and a dance party to process feelings. The series lays the groundwork for conversations that can continue between kids and their loved ones everywhere, creating an accessible entry point that centers imaginative play, full body engagement, and joyful curiosity.

Eve Alvord Theatre

Age Recommendation
For All Ages. Aimed at 4th Grade as center-point.

Running Time
Approx. 60 minutes with no intermission

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This production has past.




“Seattle Children’s Theater’s powerful world premiere production of “BKBXKids! Asks Why” puts the first question — the difficult, painful, central question — squarely on the conversation table: “Why are Black people being hurt in America?” – Seattle’s Child








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Cast / Creative

Tasha Milkman

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Ismael Castillo

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Regan Sims

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David Jenkins

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Joshua Wynter

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Becky Baumwoll

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Gregg Bellón

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