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It has been said that theatre can transform hearts and minds. We know it can.

At SCT, we love that we are often the very first experience a child has with live theatre, and it can be transformative. There are so many benefits, it's hard to know where to begin. But we'll give it a shot. From excelling in school, to building confidence, developing empathy, to sharpening imaginations and fostering inclusive, diverse communities, the impact of theatre on young lives is palpable.

At SCT,  we take our role as a haven between the busy lives of school and home very seriously.  Ours is a safe space for kids to be themselves, and to be welcomed for precisely who they are. At SCT, they get to see the world through someone else's eyes, broadening their understanding and appreciation of people whose lives may differ vastly from their own. Think of it this way: empathetic kids make for compassionate adults. Now isn't that the world we want for our kids?

When you support SCT with a gift, you help us fuel the absolutely transformational power of live theatre.  Together with our audiences and donors, we witness young people make radical transformations; from timid to confident, hesitant to engaged, excited to generous.

At SCT, we believe that financial barriers separating children from live theatre should not exist: broadening access to tickets, classes and programs keeps our theatre vibrant. Last year we subsidized over $1.6 million in tickets for teachers and low-income students to attend School Show performances. Our Summer Season Education programs offer tiered pricing to ensure tuition is not a barrier for any student.

Every child in our region deserves access to these programs. We want our performances and workshops to reach more youth, and our pricing reflects that. But with ticket sales covering only 50 percent of our operating expenses, we need your partnership to make that possible.

For more information, contact the Development Department at 206.859.4008 or by emailing donate@sct.org.

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