We’re Renovating! Big Changes Coming to the Lobbies and CMT

Over the last five years, our theatre didn’t just survive through a tidal wave of change and upheaval in our sector. We met the moment with care for our community, spaces, and craft; ambition; and thoughtful planning for our future. As arts organizations shuttered their doors during the pandemic, we came up with creative programming, created the theatre’s first ever long-range facilities plan, hired a new Artistic Director, invested in our endowment, developed a bold strategic plan, and more. But we know that no matter how talented our staff are, how exceptional our art is, or how far-reaching our original works are: we need spaces built around our mission to succeed.

SCT is excited to share our renovation plans.

Construction is underway, with plans to finish before Cat Kid Comic Club: The Musical opens September 26th. As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary Season, you can anticipate stepping into more accessible and refreshed lobbies and Charlotte Martin Theatre (CMT)!

accessibility improvements in the CMT:
  • Expanded and more flexible accessibility options in the CMT, such as increased spaces for wheelchairs and wide seats
  • Handrails along the stairs in the CMT
  • Improved ramp access
  • Expanded gender-neutral and family restrooms
  • Improvements to the seat-selection process on our website (already implemented!)
  • Easier navigation to the CMT entrance
Rendering of updated SCT lobby, featuring an accessible ramp, blue and white walls, and more space for patrons
Updated Eve Alvord Lobby:
  • New carpet and paint for Eve Alvord theatre entrance
  • An expanded lobby with improved ramp access
  • New ceiling feature and display area
Rendering of renovated CMT with increased accessibility, such as space for wheelchairs and handrails
Space updates:
  • New carpet and paint throughout the CMT and lobbies
  • Additional lobby space for patron activities
  • A new staircase to allow more light and circulation in the lobby
  • All new furniture to elevate the experience of the lobby and create a more child-friendly space
  • New CMT lighting system
  • Digital signage and TV monitors
Rendering of remodeled entrance to the Eve Alvord Theatre, feature updated carpet and paint

Support our capital project

Help set the stage for a more sustainable, accessible, And welcoming Seattle Children's Theatre.

We’ve already made incredible headway toward our $12 million campaign by investing in essential capital priorities, operational investments, and our endowment. Now we’re ready to complete the effort. Our Capital Project's facility upgrades address barriers to access, improve space functionality, and unlock new ways to engage audiences, with the potential to impact generations of young people and their communities.

Together, we can:
  • Make every child and person who attends SCT’s programs—especially those who have been less accommodated in Seattle’s art spaces—feel comfortable and free to participate joyfully and safely in our shows and programs.
  • Create the physical conditions for an exceptional artistic experience for every audience member, every time they visit us.
  • Act as good stewards of a critical community resource in need of continual care, so we can make good on our promise to our community for years to come.

Please consider making a gift now to support our goals.


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