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Growing tired of her life in Kansas, Dorothy and her little dog Toto discover a new adventure in the wonderful and magical Land of Oz after a cyclone swoops them “somewhere over the rainbow.” While following the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, who quickly become her new friends. Together, they overcome their fears of witches, flying monkeys, and a haunted forest to learn if the Wizard can make their dreams come true.

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 5+

Running Time
Approx. 60 minutes with no intermission



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Cast / Creative

Nicholas Japaul Bernard


Roz Cornejo

Wicked Witch of the West/Wizard of Oz/Ensemble

Jerik Fernandez

Uncle Henry/Cowardly Lion/Ensemble

Annelih Hamilton

Aunt Em/Locasta, Good Witch of the North/Ensemble

Chad Kelderman

Tin Woodman/Ensemble

Marena Kleinpeter


Dedra D. Woods

King of the Winged Monkeys/Glinda, Good Witch of the South/Hungry Wildcat/Ensemble

Gloria Alcalá


Avery Clark


Bethanie Willis


Ian Bartlett

Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Ruby Cast)

Zella Davidson

Munchkin/Hungry Wildkitten/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Ruby Cast)

Reagan Nino

Guardian of the Gates/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Ruby Cast)

Ariadne Taw

Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Ruby Cast)

Penelope Tobin

Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Ruby Cast)

Audrey Conner

Guardian of the Gates/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Emerald Cast)

Emberly Hoke

Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Emerald Cast)

Fiona Hurley

Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Emerald Cast)

Lilian Morris

Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Emerald Cast)

Tabitha Murphy Madden

Munchkin/Hungry Wildkitten/Flying Monkey/Ensemble (Emerald Cast)

Production Team

Jéhan Òsanyìn Director

Jacqueline E. Lawton Playwright

Alice Gosti Choreographer

Julia Hayes Welch Scenic Designer

Taya Pyne Costume Designer

Adem Hayyu Lighting Designer

Erin Bednarz Sound Designer

Geoffrey Alm Fight Director

Kafi Masika Modest Roberts Wig & Hair Designer

Natalie Shih Costume Design Assistant

Meredith Keister Makeup Artist

Jamie J. Kranz Stage Manager

Quinn Chase Assistant Stage Manager

P. Aldya Sorm Production Assistant

Amy Jurkiewicz Youth Cast Supervisor

Lillian Morris Swing Youth Cast Supervisor

More Info

Join WashMasks Mutual Aid and Seattle Children's Theatre's efforts in showing up in solidarity for Washington's farmworkers. As temperatures rise in Washington, so does the risk of heat stress exposure-- help protect those who feed us via the Heat Stress Prevention Donation Drive. Bring an item to help reduce heat stress and receive a gift from SCT's concession stand. 


What can you bring?

•  Long-sleeve cotton t-shirts

•  Sunhats (baseball hats or straw)

•  Cooling neck bands

•  Protective eyewear (sunglasses or clear lenses)


Mission Statement 

WashMasks Mutual Aid works with communities to provide care, creative joy, and community to Washington farmworkers, their families, and other BIPOC rural communities. We believe farmworkers and rural communities deserve safety, equity, and dignity. 


Instagram: @washmasks     

Facebook: WashMasks

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Camp

May 20, 2023 
Spend the day basking in the classic story of The Wizard of Oz and ignite your student's imagination through this fantastical camp. Explore themes of friendship, overcoming fear, and following your dreams as students get on their feet and explore themes of this classic story. Students will attend SCT's production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and dive into Dorothy's world through games, theatre techniques, and storytelling.

More information here