Move yo’ body rhythms reverberate in this beat-filled visual mixtape that blends poetry, dance, media, and music. Equal parts comedy, pain, and retrospection, Paige Hernandez uses the stage to share her own story as a multicultural girl growing up in Baltimore who is desperate to fit in and find her voice. Paige’s journey through hip-hop leads to self-discovery to become a leading artist of this generation. Sibling-duo Paige Hernandez (writer and performer) and Nick tha 1da (musician) in collaboration with Danielle A. Drakes (director) and Bryan Joseph Lee (dramaturg) have developed a unique coming-of-age story that speaks to a dynamic hip-hop-influenced generation.

Eve Alvord Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 11-18

Running Time
Approx. 60 minutes with no intermission

Industry Preview Night
Wed, March 22nd, 2023 at 6:00pm


This production has past.

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Cast / Creative

Paige Hernandez


Production Team

Paige Hernandez Writer & Choreographer

Nick "tha 1da" Hernandez Sound Design & Hip Hop Production

Danielle A. Drakes Director

Tewodross Melchishua Projection Design

Kris Funn Set Designer & Original Music

Lisa Vivo B-FLY Production Manager

Liz Clayton Stage Manager

More Info

Join us March 24th after the opening night performance of Paige in Full for a Conversation with Paige. KEXP’s Renee Jarreau (DJ Reverend Dollars) will sit down with artist Paige Hernandez to engage in a deeper conversation about young people, music, and its impact on life and artistry.  

Biography of DJ: 

Reverend Dollars is a Seattle-based DJ, musician, and producer who is co-organizer of the PØWER event series, founder of the Darqness Seattle Arts Collective and currently hosts a weekly radio show early Thursday mornings on KEXP. Much of her work has focused on bringing together marginalized Black, Trans, and Queer communities through the mediums of music and dance, with energetic DJ sets known for house, club, and hip-hop beats played at a frenetic pace. Their most recent project, PVNKHAVS EP (available at was released in April 2021.