High School Programs

In High School, students are learning to become independent and empowered adults. SCT believes an arts integrated curriculum can support young people on this journey.


Spotlight: Creative Drama for Mental Wellness

9th - 12th | 60 Minutes per Session | Workshop & Residency | 2 + Session Workshop Series

This program is designed to bring students and their teachers together in an immersive learning environment that is brave, active, and community focused. Guided by SCT Teaching Artists, participants engage in creative play to strength trust and collaboration, and then focus their energies inward using structured activities that encourage self-reflection. Research has show that young people gain social-emotional skills when knowledge is embodied through practice. Creative Drama for Mental Wellness bridges theatre education with evidence-based strategies in SEL to help students develop self-awareness and make positive choices in addressing their mental health needs. Even in situations that are unjust or outside of their control. These concepts are rehearsed using role play exercises within the safety of the classroom so that they develop confidence to advocate for themselves when faced with challenges in the real world.

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To book a class or learn more, reach out to our School Programs and Partnerships Manager at schoolprograms@sct.org or call 206-859-4082 x10129.


Want to speak to our School Programs and Partnerships Manager directly? Call 206-859-4082 x10129 or email schoolprograms@sct.org.

  • Workshops are $245 per hour of instruction.
  • Residency programs are $225 per hour of instruction with a minimum of 5 classes booked.

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