Dramatic Connections Workshop

Already booked your field trip to SCT? Consider adding on this wrap-around education program for your students to enhance their learning experience!

The Dramatic Connections Workshop is a classroom experience designed to enhance students’ engagement with what they see on stage.

The workshop will have students on their feet, stretching their imaginations, while deepening their knowledge about the characters, setting, and themes of the play.

The workshop curriculum is developed and presented by our Teaching Artists in the form of a one hour pre- or post-show workshop (or both!). The workshop can happen in your classroom at your school, or in the building at SCT (available depending on class size) and would ideally take place within a week of your field trip date.

Workshops cost $245 per hour, and we can serve one classroom at a time. If you have multiple classes coming for a field trip, we will need to book several workshops. Financial aid is available.

To learn more about these workshops, please email schoolprograms@sct.org.