Streaming Tips & Tricks

Low Streaming Quality?

Having Issues Streaming Fueling Transformation? The quality of the video you are streaming to your device and tv can be affected by many different factors. While we aren’t able to troubleshoot individual situations, we do have a couple of tips.

Some solutions to try…
  • Check for other devices using the internet. Is someone else streaming a movie or on a video call? Wait until they are done and try again. Each device on your network uses part of your available internet, potentially decreasing the quality of tonight’s event.
  • Restart your computer. We know you hear this a lot, but it can help free up space to allow your computer to run faster.
  • Restart your modem and wireless router. Your router works like a mini-computer and restarting it helps end anything running that may be causing your internet to slow down.
  • Ask for help! Is there a tech-savvy person in your family? See if they can help you.
Still Having Problems?
  • Our site works best on chrome, however if you are experiencing and issue, try a different web browser.
  • Try clearing your browser cache.
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date.
  • Sometimes plugins or add-ons can cause conflicts. Try disabling them and refreshing the page.