Eric Carle’s stories become puppet sensations exploring counting and colors. The very hungry and very tiny caterpillar munches through a smorgasbord of things, emerging as a big, beautiful butterfly. Whimsical music and imaginative puppetry engage the senses and enchant all ages. Mermaid Theatre’s magical interpretation comes to us from their wildly popular international tour.

“Introduction to theatre absolutely needs to engage children in a dramatic way. Through this single performance toddlers will be absolutely mesmerized by theatre.” – Linda Hartzell

Eve Alvord Theatre (weeks 1-2)
Charlotte Martin Theatre (wks 3-6)

Age Recommendation
For Ages 2 to 8


This production has past.

“a dazzling experience that captures the delight [of] children”



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Age Recommendation:

Ages 2 to 8
Familiar stories, colorful puppetry and whimsical music make the perfect performance to introduce young children to theatre.

Curriculum Connections:

Growth/Development, Days of Week, Metamorphosis, Counting, Puppetry, Colors, Clouds, Adaptation, Creative Play

Running Time:

60 Minutes


Mermaid Theatre draws upon puppetry and black light to capture the charm of three
favorite Eric Carle stories:

Little Cloud

While all the other clouds drift slowly across the sky, Little Cloud trails behind. He
touches the tops of houses and trees. He changes shape to become a sheep, an
airplane, a shark, and even a clown wearing a funny hat. When the other clouds drift
back and call to Little Cloud, he happily joins them to become one big cloud. And then
they rain!

The Mixed-Up Chameleon

A small green chameleon lives his life just like all chameleons do. He changes colors
depending on where he is and how he feels. When he’s hungry, he catches flies with
his long sticky tongue. It’s not a very exciting life, but it’s all he knows - until he sees a
zoo and all the wonderful animals there. What would it be like to be as big as a polar
bear, as handsome as a flamingo, to swim like a fish? He transforms himself bit by bit
until he is completely mixed-up and looks like all the animals at once. But is he
happy? No. It turns out that being a small green chameleon suits him best after all.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

An egg sits on a leaf in the light of the Moon. When the Sun comes up, a tiny hungry
caterpillar comes out of the egg, looking for food. On Monday he eats one apple.
Tuesday, two pears. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – three plums, four strawberries,
five oranges. On Saturday he unwisely eats everything from chocolate cake to salami.
Eating one green leaf on Sunday makes his stomach feel much better. Now he’s not so
tiny or hungry anymore. He builds a cocoon and lives inside it for more than two
weeks. When he makes his way out he’s not a caterpillar at all. He is a beautiful