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The Green Sheep is based on Mem Fox’s and Judy Horacek’s book “Where is the Green Sheep?” This show is performed with the audience sitting on the floor inside the playing area with the lights on, allowing toddlers to interact with the action, not having to worry about sitting still or being quiet throughout a full-length play. There are early learning concepts addressed in the show, as well.

“This lovely, lively, and imaginative piece is perfect for the little ones who haven’t mastered giving silent attention yet. Through the workshop that follows the play, we help parents find new ways to engage in creative play with their kids.” – SCT Artistic Director Linda Hartzell

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 1 to 4


This production has past.

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Cast and Design Team

Most of the cast of The Green Sheep is new to the play, but not to SCT. Morgan Rowe returns from the 2008 production and is joined by Trick Danneker (Pharaoh Serket and the Lost Stone of Fire) and Auston James (most recently Peter Pan and The Brementown Musicians). Darlene Franz and Jennifer Sue Johnson (Perô) understudy. Stage Manager Sarah S. Mixson has been part of all three SCT productions, and works with the ensemble.

The Green Sheep incorporates music, movement and puppetry to lead toddlers and parents on a search for the elusive green sheep. All the rage with the toddler crowd, this bright and fun show is an interactive treat for our littlest little ones. I see a blue sheep, a red sheep, a swing sheep and slide sheep. An up and down and all around sheep. All kinds of sheep having all kinds of fun. But where is the green sheep? You and your toddlers will be delighted and captivated as you sit in the sheep pen and join in the search for the elusive green sheep. You’ll get to experience theatre in a fun and interactive way—with music, puppets, and loads of laughter—exploring the early learning concepts of size, color, and distance.