“It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” Our favorite Dr. Seuss character introduces his eclectic entertainment with mischievous humor and madcap style. The Cat in the Hat busts the boredom of a rainy afternoon with all sorts of zaniness – including the iconic and acrobatic Thing One and Thing Two. Rhyming his way through the house while balancing cups and tools, Cat brings a cozy home to chaos where Sally, her brother and their outspokenly cautious pet Fish, are simultaneously amused, astounded and concerned, with good reason.

“This show captures everything we love in the language and images of Dr. Seuss, and then brings the story to us as if we are in the room with the characters, inserting incredible humor, puppetry and physicality.” – SCT Artistic Director Linda Hartzell

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Age Recommendation
For All Ages


This production has past.

“The costumes and ingenious sets look like they’ve leapt right off the page.”

Jay Irwin (Broadway World)

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Age Recommendation:
All Ages – Children of all ages can appreciate the humor of beloved Dr. Seuss characters in this amusing performance.

Curriculum Connections: Imagination, Responsibility, Reading, Acrobatics, Creativity, Rhyming, Adaptation

Running Time: 50 minutes, no intermission

Cast and Design Team

Chad Kelderman (last seen at SCT in 2001’s Animal Farm) takes center stage as the
mischievous Cat. Trick Danneker (Boy), Jennifer Sue Johnson (Sally), Allen Galli (Fish),
Mickey Rowe (Thing 1), and Adria LaMorticella (Thing 2) round out the ensemble. SCT is
using the marvelous designs of Vicki Mortimer, with Music by Paul Clark and Sound Design
by Gareth Frye that originated with the National Theatre’s production in London, with support
from our production team, led by Scenic Coordinator Mike Hase, Costume Coordinator Nanette
Acosta, Lighting Coordinator Michael Wellborn, Sound Coordinator Chris R. Walker, Prop
Coordinator Elizabeth A. Friedrich and Puppet Coordinator Annett Mateo.


Sally and her brother are beyond bored as they stare out at the cold, wet day. With their Mother gone and nothing planned, a dull day looms large. Things take a dramatic turn when the Cat in the Hat swoops in, promising good games to play. Their pet Fish is mystified by the high energy Cat with his red and white striped hat, and insists the Cat should not be in the house while their mother is out. By dismissing all concerns, Cat starts playfully balancing the Fish, together with a rake, mounds of books, a tea cup and several other household items. The kids are simultaneously mesmerized by, and leery of, the rhyming Cat and his entertaining ways.

Chaos is elevated to a whole new level when the Cat brings in a wooden crate, carrying the boundlessly energetic of Thing One and Thing Two. Their crazy red suits and uncontrollable blue hair are matched only by the Things’ frenzy as they rampage through the house. Furniture is knocked about, clothes and kites are sent flying and poor Fish, is well, nearly dehydrated with fear.

The home is in unbelievable disarray when suddenly there’s a glimpse of Mother returning home. The acrobatic Things are captured with nets and returned to their box, but the trail of ruin remains. Can the Cat’s incredible Picking-Up Machine really work its magic in time?