Get Ready For… Fairytale Farce!

Wolfgang, the greatest actor in the world, is preparing for the performance of his lifetime in the “true story” of Red Riding Hood when a delivery driver carrying a mysterious package interrupts his rehearsal. She boldly calls into question Wolfgang’s story, adamant that he should only tell the classic tale. As their story flourishes, a madcap romp through the popular fairy tale ensues. This lively adaptation is full of surprise and packed with wolf-sized humor, and reminds us that when something is important, bravery knows no bounds.

Eve Alvord Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 5+

Running Time
Approx. 75 minutes with no intermission  


This production has past.

Special Performances

“I’m always looking at old stories and how they relate to today’s questions and challeng­es; it felt like the exact right moment to explore Red Riding Hood and the beliefs and biases the fairytale perpetuates.”

Allison Gregory (playwright)

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Cast / Creative

Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako


Conner Neddersen


Annelih GH Hamilton


Eric Ankrim


Production Team

Steven Dietz Director

Allison Gregory Playwright

Matthew Smucker Scenic Designer

Sarah Burch Gordon Costume Designer

Connie Yun Lighting Designer

Rob Witmer Sound Designer & Composer

Musse Barclay Assistant Director

Cristine Anne Reynolds Stage Manager

Gavin Yehle Stage Management Fellow & Production Assistant