No school, no parents, no bedtime or rules. With her mom in the clouds and her dad at sea, Pippi’s on her own to live as she pleases.  A girl of indomitable strength and fierce independence, Pippi quickly befriends neighbor kids and delights in playing games that confound authorities. Anything can, and will, be put to rhythm and rhyme as she bucks the system and dances away any blues. She takes center stage in the circus, wrestles the strongman, outwits burglars and dodges the orphanage. While friends Tommy and Annika love Pippi and her outlandish existence, the local adults want her to conform to their rules.

“This wonderful musical brings a clever, independent female character center stage. Everyone loves Pippi, an unconventional heroine with super-human strength, a pet monkey and a pirate father, and her extraordinary adventures. This script is filled with clever dialogue and incredible humor.”– SCT Artistic Director Linda Hartzell

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 5+


This production has past.

“she’s a force of nature”

misha berson (Seattle Times)

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Age Recommendation: For Ages 5+
Appeal for Younger Ages: Physical humor, cheery songs, imaginative story
Appeal for Older Ages: Strong female character, literary ties to chapter book

Discussion Topics: Authority, Independence, Confidence, Friendship

Running Time: 90 minutes with an intermission

Cast and Design Team

Molli Corcoran (recently appearing as Dot in SCT’s Dot and Ziggy) takes center stage
as the strong and free-spirited Pippi Longstocking. Adam Standley (Tommy), Stephanie Kim
(Annika), Laura Kenny (Mrs. Prysselius), Hugh Hastings (Captain), Alyssa Keene
(Carmencita), Chris Ensweiler (Thunder Karlson), and Karen Skrinde (School Mistress) round
out the ensemble cast. Chad Kelderman, Sydney Andrews and Jane Ryan understudy.

SCT’s production team will help to transport the audience into Pippi’s world with the
marvelous designs of Scenic Designer Jennifer Lupton, Costume Designer Catherine Hunt,
Lighting Designer Andrew Smith, and Sound Designer Chris R. Walker. Pippi Longstocking:
The Family Musical will be choreographed by Marianne Roberts, with fight choreography by
Geof Alm, and musical direction by Jeff Bell.


While Pippi Longstocking awaits her pirate father’s return from the sea, she takes up residence in the long vacant house he bought for her many years ago. She settles in with her horse, her monkey Mr. Nelson and a suitcase full of gold coins. The neighbor kids, Tommy and Annika, are delighted to see the house is occupied again, and amazed to discover Pippi lives there without adults.

As Pippi beguiles the kids with tall tales and talks of wordly travels, a woman from the local orphanage approaches. With a personality to match her name, Mrs. Prysselius tries to explain why Pippi should come with her. Claiming she doesn’t need to go to an orphanage because she already lives in her own “children’s home,” Pippi’s actions simply bewilder the woman who leaves in a state of disbelief.

Everything’s a game without rules to Pippi, as Tommy and Annika introduce Pippi to new experiences. First, it’s the circus, where Pippi quickly joins the center ring to ride the horse and wrestle the strongman. Back at home, Pippi befuddles would-be thieves then gives them a gold coin for their troubles. Next Constables Cling and Clang try to take Pippi in, but she simply leads them in a game of hide-and-seek, with the policemen ending up on Pippi’s roof without a ladder to get down.

Pippi’s innocent-hearted antics continue as she makes a guest appearance at Tommy and Annika’s school. There, her uninhibited behavior and lack of knowledge or interest in academics flusters the teacher. Pippi simply doesn’t know or care about rules, conventions or manners. Her inappropriate conduct is even less appreciated when she’s a guest at the neighbor’s tea party. She dreams of her father’s return and just when the authorities seem to be catching up with Pippi, Captain Longstocking re-appears.