Perô, based on the children’s book “Pierrot ou les Secrets de la nuit” by Michel Tournier, uses infectious music and ingenious puppetry to tell the touching and comical story of Perô, the baker, and his love, Colombina, the washerwoman. Perô works only at night watched over by his patron, Moon; Colombina works by day under the eye of her patron, Sun. When the colorful and charming painter, Paletino, comes to town, Colombina is whisked off her feet and runs off with Paletino, only to return to the steady and adoring Perô in the end.

“Our friends at Speeltheater Holland (the creative team behind SCT’s Stellaluna) bring us another sweet, fantastical story with brilliant staging and music. Their puppetry work is innovative and charming. This play won rave reviews in London and Holland, with its message that dazzling things come in small, often overlooked packages.” – SCT Artistic Director Linda Hartzell

Eve Alvord Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 6+


This production has past.

“The most delightful 60 minutes in town”

London Times

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Cast and Design Team

Perô marks the fourth collaboration between Seattle Children’s Theatre and Speeltheater Holland. Onny Huisink and Saskia Janse, who did the puppet design for Perô, co-founded Speeltheater Holland in 1976, and their productions have played around the world.  Huisink and Janse say, “We are very proud to bring this co-production of Perô to Seattle, using Seattle’s own local actors, and are always impressed by the quality and enthusiasm of the actors. We are excited to bring this Dutch work to an American audience, to see Perô win the hearts of Seattle audiences, as he has in other cities.”

The cast of Perô brings together SCT favorites and new faces. Matt Wolfe (Goodnight MoonThe Wizard of Oz) and Jennifer Sue Johnson (I Was a Rat!) tackle the roles of Perô and Colombina, while Music Director Mark Rabe (Peter PanGoodnight Moon) and Corinna Lapid Munter (SCT debut) take on their piano-playing patrons, Moon and Sun, respectively. Beth DeVriesChristian Duhamel and Angie Louise understudy.

The cast is joined by a small production team, as the SCT production utilizes sets and puppets from the European productions of Perô. Speeltheater Holland technician Erik Koletzki will travel to the U.S. to help get the production on its feet with help from Lighting Designer (and SCT Production Manager) Michael Wellborn and SCT Resident Sound Designer Chris R. Walker.


The Sun and Moon, constant companions yet ever at odds, much like the washerwoman, Colombina, and the sweet baker who loves her, Perô. One lives by day, the other by night. These two Italian neighbors grew up side-by-side, everyone in their village thinking they would end up together. But how can a baker “covered in powdery clouds of flour” be with “a fine…washerwoman”? Perô, dreaming of his love, kept company only by the Moon, bakes and bakes as the rest of the village sleeps. He pours all this feeling into the delicious breads, tarts, cakes and all sweet things he bakes to make life better. Colombina, though, toils away during the day. She scrubs and scrubs, bleaching away her hopes for excitement and adventure as each day passes into night. What’s more, Colombina fears the night and so avoids dear Perô. Still, the baker pines for his childhood sweetheart, writing her letter after letter in hopes of turning her heart back toward him. Unfortunately, Perô’s skill lies in his baking, not his writing. He never actually tells Colombina how he feels. One day, while Perô sleeps, Paletino, the house-painter, comes to town. He is all life and color. Colombina is swept away at once, and has the vibrant Paletino paint her house. Next thing we know, she invites him inside. Perô notices the pair on their date, and his heart breaks. The couple decides to embark on a fun-filled holiday. While Colombina delights in the vividly colorful nature of her new life, she feels sorry for, and misses, the sweet Perô—if only he had let her know how he really felt. So, Perô becomes more dejected every day. In fact, Perô even closes the bakery “due to broken heart.” Soon, Colombina realizes that beautiful colors fade and you need more than the excitement of something new to make a satisfying life. She remembers her true self, and her true love, and heads home, alone. And together, Perô and Colombina finally enjoy both night and day, living happily ever after.