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It is March, 2000. A child’s suitcase arrives from Auschwitz at the tiny Holocaust Education Centre in Tokyo. Painted on the side are a name, Hana Brady, 1931, and the word “Waisenkind” (orphan). Spurred on by the children at the Centre, the curator Fumiko Ishioka, embarks on a relentless search from Tokyo to Prague to Toronto to uncover the story of Hana and her fate. In this inventive, multi-media staging of a true story, we see the Centre’s students discover a tale of family love and tragedy; and through their learning about this shameful chapter in history, find a key to tolerance and hope for the future.

This historical tale will appeal to audiences of A Single Shard and The Edge of Peace.

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 10+


This production has past.

“a powerful tale of the holocaust”

the seattle times

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Discussion Topics: Forgiveness, Empathy, History

Running Time: Approximately 90 minutes with an intermission