By day, Arthur is a mild-mannered museum guard; by night, his alter ego, Art Dog, is a mysterious artist who makes the city his canvas. However, when Leonardo Dog Vinci’s Mona Woofa goes missing from the Dogopolis Museum of Art, Art Dog is a prime suspect. Not to be deterred, the canine superhero simply paints his way out of a jail and collars the thieves with his brush strokes. While the town applauds his heroism and celebrates his artistic brilliance, the only thing still at large is Art Dog’s true identity.

“Children will love the humorous and heroic superdog in this world premiere with music by Sue Ennis, songwriter for the Seattle-based rock band Heart. This action-packed adventure lets kids use their imaginations as we transform the Charlotte Martin stage to Art Dog’s world, full of bright and bold images inspired by Thacher Hurd’s illustrations.” – SCT Artistic Director Linda Hartzell

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Age Recommendation
For Ages 5+


This production has past.

“plenty of puns and musical references to keep adults fully enjoying themselves.”

Miryam Gordon

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Age Recommendation: For Ages 5+
Appeal for Younger Ages: Colorful adventure, perfect introduction to theatre
Appeal for Older Ages: Superhero, fun, action, wordplay

Discussion Topics: Museums, Identity, Famous Painters, Artistic Expression

Running Time: 60 minutes

Cast and Design Team

Auston James will take center stage as Art Dog/Arthur. Allen Galli, Khanh Doan and
Kate Jaeger will round out the ensemble cast, with Jared Michael Brown and Molli Corcoran
in the understudy roles. For this world premiere directed by SCT Artistic Associate Rita Giomi,
audiences will see Scenic Design by Jennifer Zeyl, Puppet Design by Annett Mateo, Lighting
Design by Geoff Korf, Costume Design by Scott Gray, Sound Design by Chris Walker and
Choreography by Wade Madsen, with Musical Direction by David Duvall.


By day, Arthur is a mild-mannered security guard for the Dogopolis Museum of Art. He works among famous paintings, like Mutisse’s The Dancing Dogs and Sunday in the Park with Spot, which often come alive. He doesn’t seek a lot of attention. Even the Museum Director doesn’t know his name.

By night, however, Arthur’s alter ego is the masked Art Dog who literally paints the town. One evening, whiel he’s painting a wildly beautiful mural, two thieves sneak into the museum and steal Leonardo Dog Vinci’s famous Mona Woofa.

When police find Art Dog with brush in hand he certainly looks like the culprit. He gets booked in jail, but later paints his way out with a few brush strokes. Determined to rescue Mona Woofa, Art Dog then paints a long, sleek Brushmobile which he uses to find the thieves.

Recognizing both Art Dog’s heroism and artistic abilities, the Museum Director invites Art Dog to show at the museum. Things return to normal, with the identity of the masked hero and artist the only remaining mystery.