Interested in a career in the arts? SCT’s Emerging Professional Program develops the next generation of theatre professionals in the field by leading young adults through hands on experience while preparing  for a future career in the arts.  

So, what is the journey of an Emerging Professional at SCT? Enter our programming at any stage that coincides with your existing experience: Pre-Teens and Teenagers can participate in our Teens in Action program while higher education students or individuals with limited professional experience can explore their respective theatre field with a summer internship. Ready to dive deeper? An apprenticeship or fellowship may be the right program to refine and solidify specific skill sets before entering the professional theatre world.  

Read on to learn more about what each program offers.  


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Summer Internships & Teaching Assistants

Each Summer, Seattle Children’s Theatre welcomes a cohort of interns across our departments to support the on-and-off-site Drama School and Education programs and prepare for the upcoming mainstage season. 

Over the course of the summer, interns engage in an intensive 11-week practicum while attending professional development opportunities and networking events across departments and throughout the organization.  

Teaching Artist Internship 

The Teaching Artist Internship program is an exciting opportunity to learn how to be a professional teaching artist while gaining hands-on experience in instructing in classrooms for ages 3.5 - 18. Over the course of the summer, interns engage in an intensive 11-week practicum while assisting and supporting instruction during on-site and off-site summer classes. Interns engage with learning projects like teaching observations, developing curriculum, and constructing a teaching philosophy. Over the course of summer, our interns build professional relationships within SCT, gain classroom management skills, attend professional development, and build communication skills by working with young people and corresponding with families. 

Applications for Summer 2022 have passed. 

Education Administrative Internship 

The Education Administrative Internship is an exciting opportunity to develop arts administration skills in a professional setting. Through this educational internship program, the individual builds professional relationships within SCT, gains hands-on experience in program administration, engages with learning projects specific to new skill sets, attends professional development, and grows communication skills while working with children and guardians. 

Applications for Summer 2022 have passed. 

See what our alumni have to say about the internship: 



Teaching Assistant 

Interested in Teaching Artistry, but unable to engage in a summer intensive? Explore SCT’s Teaching Assistant openings! Every school year, SCT welcomes Teaching Assistants who support instructional class time with students ages 3.5 – 18 across all three educational programs: Drama School at SCT, Engagement, and SCT at Your School.  The Teaching Assistant receives specific job assignments on a rolling basis dependent on expertise, availability, and program schedule. 

Applications Coming SOon


If you have internship experience and are ready to deepen your skills in a specific field within theatre, an apprenticeship with SCT is a great way to solidify your knowledge and expertise before entering a fellowship or the professional workforce.  

 Teaching Artist Apprenticeship 

The Teaching Artist Apprenticeship program is an exciting opportunity to develop teaching skills in a professional setting through Drama School @ SCT, SCT @ Your School, and Engagement. In this program, individuals spend a full school year assisting on weekly classes and break camps, workshops, and residencies. Apprentices gain mentorship from professional Teaching Artists in the field, develop lesson plans and curricula, engage in monthly teaching observations, and deepen a personal pedagogy about teaching artistry. 

Upon successful completion of this program, you can apply for a fellowship or join our Teaching Artist Faculty. 


If you’ve completed an internship or apprenticeship and ready to zero in on your chosen career, then an SCT fellowship is the last step in our pre-professional training.  

Teaching Artist Fellowship 

The Teaching Artist Fellowship is an opportunity for advanced practice in teaching artistry while developing arts administrative skills through programming in Drama School at SCT, SCT in Your School, and Engagement. This fellowship program is for one school year and simulates the work of a full time position within SCT. It provides opportunities for growth and reflection as the teaching artist fellow teaches classes; collaborates on department administration projects; and engages with professional development. This is primarily a teaching artist position, but will include administrative responsibilities and projects.

Education Administrative Fellowship  

The Education Administrative Fellowship is an opportunity to develop arts administration skills in a professional setting through programs in Drama School at SCT, SCT in Your School, and Engagement. This fellowship program is for one school year and simulates the work of a full time position within SCT. It provides opportunities for growth and reflection while building relationships within SCT and the Seattle arts communities, gains hands-on experience in arts administration and project management, and access to a network of professional development opportunities. 

Stage Management Fellowship  

The Stage Management Fellowship is an opportunity to develop stage manage skills in a professional setting through SCT's Mainstage Productions. This fellowship position assists and supports the stage manager during both the rehearsal period and the performance run.  It provides opportunities for growth and reflection while building relationships within SCT and the Seattle arts communities, and gaining hands-on experience in professional stage management. 

Check back for fellowships in Production, Marketing, Development, and other Departments.