SCT Equity Statement

Seattle Children’s Theater Equity Statement - July 2021 

At SCT, we believe theatre has the power to build empathy and inspire the imagination. We believe all young people should have access to theatre, and should see themselves reflected in our programming, on our stages, and in our staff. As such we are actively working to become an antiracist organization, one where all children, families, educators, artists, and employees feel welcome, invited, seen, and valued.  

 As a historically and predominately white organization, we acknowledge that we operate within systems of racism and oppression, and we recognize the harm and impact this has had on the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) local and surrounding communities. We acknowledge and appreciate the work done by our colleagues in BIPOC in Theatre for Young Audiences (Anti-Racist & Anti-Oppressive Futures for Theatre for Young Audiences: An Interactive Guide) and BIPOC Demands for White American Theatre. We must dismantle systems of racial oppression, build an anti-racist culture, and advance toward justice so that SCT can truly be a safe space for all.  

 Though we as an organization have been engaging in anti-racist work since 2017, we know SCT is still at the beginning of our journey. Sustainable change to our culture takes time and continuous effort. SCT commits to engaging in this work internally and externally as we continue to create and develop theatrical and educational programming for the community. We invite you, our community, to play an active part by asking questions and holding us accountable. If you are passionate about social justice and would like to help shape the future of SCT, please reach out to us at about opportunities to get involved. We want to hear from you.