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Theatre is an art form of collaboration. It takes directors, playwrights, technicians, actors, and individuals like you to keep Seattle Children's Theatre thriving.

The positive impact that arts education has on the success of our next generation is profound. Exposure to live theatre boosts literacy and vocabulary, improves attention span, and stimulates the imagination. Most importantly, when children are exposed to other cultures, situations, and perspectives, tolerance and empathy are increased, a result that benefits everyone.

SCT relies on the generosity of our family of donors to sustain our productions and programs at the highest level of artistic and educational excellence. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

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  “I believe that my young students deserve rich, vibrant childhood experiences, as these experiences will help mold their outlook on life, create their definition of beauty, give them the foundations of morals, and help in fostering resiliency and perspective.
- Dano, Lafayette Elementary School Teacher

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Volunteering at Seattle Children's Theatre is fun, rewarding, and educational. By volunteering with us, you'll have the opportunity to see our plays, experience behind-the-scene tours, and observe (maybe even participate in) drama workshops. We look forward to having you join the SCT family as a member of the SCT Supporters!

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