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Performed by student actors from the SCT Drama School

Separated from his mother, a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people — some kind, some dangerous and cruel — as he searches for his family. From a sinister one-eyed butcher to beguiling barflies to a sweatshop, Anon must navigate through a chaotic, ever-changing landscape in this entrancing adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey.

Content Advisory: This production of Anon(ymous)  contains mature content and topics. This production is recommended for patrons aged 13 and older.

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Age recommendation
For ages 13+

Running Time
Approx 90 minutes with no intermission. Includes a 15 minute post-show talk back.


This production has past.


Cast / Creative

Adin Avritt

Cast Member

Erin Barber

Cast Member

Luna Crone-Baron

Cast Member

Hilda Daza-Sanchez

Cast Member

Evangeline Gamb

Cast Member

Devon Green

Cast Member

Francesca Hill

Cast Member

Nina Kibria

Cast Member

Dylan Koa

Cast Member

Jacob Levin

Cast Member

Myles Mawa

Cast Member

Lila Padfield

Cast Member

Adam Race

Cast Member

Isabella Rampersad

Cast Member

Maya Rice

Cast Member

Levin Ritzen

Cast Member

Adah Siegel

Cast Member

Nobelle Sinclair

Cast Member

Felix Valadez

Cast Member

Production Team

Johamy Morales Director

Indira Rampersad Assistant Director & Dramaturge

Chloe Mason Stage Management Intern

Sean McMullen Assistant Stage Manager

Kayla King Drama School Intern & Choreographer

Laura Karavitis Production Coordinator

Dave Bladwin Technical Coordinator

Alex Trewin Lead Technician

Samantha Leigh Sets Intern

Monica Ravitch Paint Intern

Audrey Lui-Sheribon Scenic Assistant

Rilke Grimlund Scenic Assistant

Ilah Walker Scenic Assistant

Sarah Warshaw Scenic Assistant

Daphne Maurides Props Master

Megan Winkler Props Intern

Hank Fialkow Props Assistant

Joseph Swartz Sound Designer & Technician

Jaime Dahl Sound Intern

Soliel Cowan-Quan Sound Assistant

Caden Powell Sound Assistant

Nick Koester Master Electrician

Ruben Pina Lighting Designer & Intern

Emily McLaughlin Costume Designer

Hannah Mathews Costumes Intern