Board of Trustees

Anh Nguyen
CEO, Adjacent Academies.

Laura Buckland
Vice President
Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel, T-Mobile USA.

Shelly Heier
President of Verus.

Karin Jones
Partner, Stoel Rives, LLP.

Eve Alvord: Community Volunteer.

Shari Bitcon: Attorney / Mediator.

Heather Shaw Blahous: Community Volunteer.

Meghan Browne: Social Impact Product Lead, Meta

Amy Chasanov: ST3 Mitigation and Concurrence Manager, Seattle Department of Transportation

Bob Evans: Community Volunteer

Ellie Freedman: Teacher, Lakeside School

Stacie Foster: Intellectual Property Attorney, Ironmark Law Group.

Mimi Gan: Founder/Creative Director Mi2 Media, LLC.

Rhys Hefta: Attorney, K&L Gates, LLP.

Cindy Jed: Finance Consultant

Bryan Kelley: Vice President, Balfour Beatty Construction.

Winfield (Win) Martin: Counsel at Perkins Coie LLP

Kirsten Nesholm: Trustee, Nesholm Family Foundation & Member Coordinator, AFFGS.

Eleanor C. Nolan: Community Volunteer.

Florence O’Quinn: Senior Business Development Manager, Starbucks

Louise Pietrafesa: Behavioral Health Consultant.

Dennis Sills: Director of Strategic Initiatives & Government Relations, Plymouth Housing

Laura Smith: Community Volunteer.

Constance Thompson: Community Volunteer.

Katina Thornock: Vice President & Senior Litigation Counsel, Providence Health.

Jared Van Kirk: Principal, Foster Garvey PC.

Wanda Wong: Relationship Manager, The Commerce Bank.

Winston Yeung: Managing Director, Vibrant Cities.


The SCT Board typically meets approximately nine times per year. SCT receives annual support from 100% of the Board of Trustees.