After School Enrichment, Residencies, & Workshops


SCT is excited to support your curriculum by designing classes to fit your needs. Professional SCT Teaching Artists will lead your class in an exciting, interactive exploration of different aspects of theatre and other disciplines by using drama and kinesthetic learning techniques.

Our workshops are age-appropriate, 60 minute workshops specially designed to support your unique curriculum. You can choose to have your workshop in your classroom, or here at SCT.  SCT Teaching Artist Residencies range from a minimum of five weeks to an entire school year and take place during the school day. After-school Enrichment programs take place after school hours, and can range from multiple weeks, months, or to an entire school year. All of these programs are carefully created to fulfill Common Core Standards and EALRs, and directly support what you do every day in the classroom.

If you have any questions about how to bring these workshops to our community, please reach out to Tiffany Maltos, Associate Director of Education, at

Common Core Workshop and Residencies

Amplify your curriculum with an interdisciplinary experience that infuses theatre with a core subject matter.

Don’t see a topic we offer yet? You can commission new workshops that integrate theatre with a subject or unit of your choice.

English Language Arts
Social Studies/Social Justice
Social Emotional learning
Sensory drama

Encourage your students of all abilities, particularly those with sensory processing challenges and/or sensory-seeking behaviors, to engage their minds, bodies, and imaginations in a dramatic exploration of the world around them! The sensory drama option is specifically geared towards classrooms of students with physical and developmental differences.

theatre arts

Explore the endless bounds of imagination through our theatre-specific workshop and residency topics.

Additional Information for Workshops and Residencies