Show Description:

Will a student’s bout of anxiety allow others to create a safe space to talk about what they’re going through and what’s really going on? Ghosted  is a candid glimpse of a single day in the life of four high school students as they learn to adapt to remote learning and struggle to connect with others while still social distancing. It’s an up-close look at how they navigate their relationships and support each other while facing harsh realities and many unknowns.

About The Ghosted Experience:

Ghosted is a 1-hour synchronous learning session for the virtual classroom suitable for grades 8-12 in classes or groups of up to 35 students per session. Facilitated by three SCT teaching artists, students collectively watch a 30-minute film and then participate in a 30-minute discussion on mental health that addresses coping strategies and resources for stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Educational Goals 
>> Combat stigma by creating a culture of acceptance and support for mental health 
>> Develop skills to talk about stress, anxiety, and depression  
>> Identify healthy coping strategies to build resilience 
>> Learn about community resources for help with stressful and difficult situations 

Technology Requirements 
>> Each student should have access to the internet and a laptop or desktop computer, Chromebook, or tablet. 

Educational Materials:
>> Student Handout

>> Educator Handout
>> Parent/Guardian Guide

En Español:

>> Folleto Para Estudiantes
>> Folleto para Educatores
>> Guía Padres y Guardianes

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