Birthdays - FAQ

What is included in a birthday party rental?

Along with a special discounted ticket price, we provide the party room, plates, napkins, cups, candles, tablecloths, and a special gift for the birthday child. Food and beverages are not included. For a special discounted price, you may add a Dramashop.

When are the available times to have a birthday party at SCT?

The birthday party room is available on Saturdays between 1:00pm and 5:00pm and Sundays between 11:30am and 2:30pm.

How much does a birthday party rental cost?

Birthday Party: $225
Birthday Party plus Dramashop: $275-$325 (depending on the group size and length of your dramashop)
Special Bonus: When you book a room for a party of 10 or more you can buy tickets to an SCT play for only $20 per person.

What is a Dramashop?

A Dramashop is a 30-45 minute pre- or post- performance interactive drama workshop led by a professional teaching artist, in which discussions and active theatre exercises will flesh out the themes and production elements in SCT plays.

Do the birthday party packages include any staff facilitation?

A host will greet and help facilitate your party, as well as help with clean-up and set-up.

What is the room capacity?

30 people

Will I be able to decorate the room before the party begins?

Setup and cleanup are included in the 90-minute rental. You will have access to the room at the time that your birthday party is scheduled to begin. If you need extra time to set-up, please ask your guests to arrive a little later than your scheduled start time.

What happens if my party runs over the original time allotted?

Due to the many events occurring at SCT, schedules for our venues as well as the hosts’ time are very limited. Please be aware of your schedule while the festivities are occurring. The host will keep you updated on the amount of time left. Should an overage occur, a fee will be charged in order to cover the hosts’ time.

How do I contact the party host ahead of time?

Please contact the Ticket Office at 206.441.3322, to make changes or add special instructions for your party. 

What happens if we need to cancel due to illness?

While we understand that emergencies occur and various obstacles have the ability to cancel a party very quickly, we are unable to refund the balance paid toward the tickets and birthday party fees. In the event the party is cancelled due to a qualifying event (illness, emergency, weather, etc.) we will do our best to reschedule your party.

What is the phone number to call for more information on birthday party rentals?

Please call the ticket office at 206.441.3322.

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