Above Between Below

Written by Ramón Esquivel 
Directed by Rita Giomi
Set Design by Shawn Ketchum Johnson 
Costume Design by Melanie Burgess 
Sound Design by Chris R. Walker 

February 23, 2019

Kaiser Permanente Community Weekend

Above Between Below is the story of four 14- year-old middle school students. The plot revolves around an embarrassing cellphone video gone viral, an accusation of stalking, physical intimidation and gossip. What follows is a confrontation among the four students anxious for revenge, where each young person must make a choice about being a bully, a victim, a bystander or an advocate.

This February, SCT will offer our community the opportunity to see this production on stage in our building and attend the workshops cooresponding to this show.  In addition, we are showing Ghosted, the KP touring show for grades 9+.  Both shows are available to the public free of charge.


Eve Alvord Theatre 5:00pm

Grade Recommendation: For Grades 6-8

Running Time: 1 hour

Ticket Price: FREE

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Educational Theater Program is free to qualifying schools. Now entering our second year of partnership, SCT and Kaiser Permanente’s Free Educational Theater Program has visited nearly 22,000 students and 2,100 Teachers statewide. The Educational Theater Program consists of touring productions, in class residencies, workshops and professional development opportunities for teachers and students alike. All of our programming is designed to inspire children, teens and adults to make informed decisions about their health and build stronger communities. 

Above Between Below Production

This production is designed to perform in an assembly-like setting for audiences of up to 300 students. Following each show students will have an opportunity to participate in a discussion with the cast aimed to spark further conversation about how conflicts emerge and to brainstorm positive alternatives and outcomes.  

Middle School touring schedule: October/November 2108 in Puget Sound region and February 2019 in Spokane and Yakima regions.

To book a performance, please contact Scott Koh, Arts Based Learning Program Manager at scottk@sct.org or 206-443-0807 Ext. 1082.

Above Between Below 

This one-hour workshop pairs with the touring production. SCT teaching artists will work with students to further explore critical themes of the play. This participatory workshop utilizes interactive theater techniques designed to help students practice making positive choices in challenging situations. 

For more information on the experience, please view this Information sheet.

Supporting Materials

In addition to the performance and post play discussion, each student will receive an Above Between Below Student Guide and each Teacher will receive a Pre and Post Play Teacher Guide designed to enhance the play-going experience and support additional conversations afterward.

Download the Teacher Guide: Pre Show Lesson

Download the Teacher Guide: Post Show Lesson 

Download the Active Audience Guide: Above Between Below


Have you ever experienced any forms of bullying? Have you ever witnessed bullying? Check out the resources below for more infomration on how you can identify, stand up to, and stop bullying in your community. 

Download the Student Guide: Preshow




Download the Resource Guide for Students

Download the Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents 

Show Summary

Above, Below, Between is a touring play for middle school audiences that examines the consequences of bullying. The work allows young people to observe the shifting status between the bully, bystander or victim depending on circumstances. 


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