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The quality of the staff and content of the residency are very impressive. Drama class is the highlight of the week for ALL of my students. Every student participates and every student grows from these wonderfully rich sessions. SCT has crafted an ingenious curriculum that builds on students’ drama skills week by week.”   5th grade Teacher, Seattle

We design a series of classes to fit your needs, and explore areas of theatre, or other disciplines, by using drama techniques. Residencies can range from multiple weeks to months to an entire school year. These classes can take place during the school day to fulfill EALRs or as an after-school or community-based drama enrichment program. Residency topics are also available as specialty workshops on a per hour basis; please call 206-443-0807 for more information!

Grade-based Residency Programs:

Story Drama, Pre-K - Grade 3

If you have ever wished you could go inside a storybook, then this is the class for you. Every session, we read a different book and explore elements of the story through acting, art, and interactive, multi-sensory props. Experience the excitement of drama and working as an ensemble while actively enjoying the best in children's literature.

Dramatic Imagination, grades 1-3

There is a problem and you, the world famous detective, have to solve it. There is an obstacle in your path - how would you, the world famous explorer, get to the other side? Learn acting skills by immersing yourself in interactive dramatic situations. You will use role-playing and improvisational techniques to create unique adventures and explore intriguing themes.

Building a Positive Community, grades 1 and up

Drama is a gateway to a stronger community. Turn your classroom into an ensemble through a myriad of drama exercises that focus on: listening skills, sharing, support, and teamwork.

Acting Zone: Intro to Acting, grades 3 and up

Discover how the professionals act. Learn how to coordinate your voice, body, and mind while you engage in the basics of acting theory: actions, objectives, and obstacles. This class is the foundation of any acting training program, from movement and voice work to character development and scene creation.

Acting Zone 2: Scripts, grades 5 and up

Bring a script to life. Explore scenes from great plays to expand your knowledge of the basic terms, concepts, and approaches to acting. Taking clues from the given circumstances found on the page, actors will embody dynamic characters, create strong relationships, and make choices that transform the words and stage directions into living, breathing circumstances.


In-school programs: $85 per hour (up to 30 participants)

After-school programs: $85 per hour (up to 15 participants)

(Mileage will be added for locations outside King County, WA)

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