James and the Giant Peach

Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach
Words and Music by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek
Book by Timothy Allen McDonald
Based on the book by Roald Dahl

When James is sent by his conniving aunts to chop down their old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion which results in a tremendous peach – and launches a journey of enormous proportions. Suddenly James finds himself in the center of the gigantic peach among human-sized insects with equally oversized personalities, but after it falls from the tree and rolls into the ocean, the group faces hunger, sharks and plenty of disagreements. Thanks to James' quick wit and creative thinking, the residents learn to live and work together as a family. The dangerous voyage is a success, but the adventure takes a whole new twist once they land on the Empire State Building.

ASL Interpreted Dates:
Public - 12/7/2013 @ 2pm
Schools - 12/4/2013 @ 10:30am

Age Recommendation: For Ages 6+
Appeal for Younger Ages: Introduction to Roald Dahl literature
Appeal for Older Ages: Fanciful story with edgy undertones

Discussion Topics: Resourcefulness, Team Work, Resilience, Home

Running Time: 2 hours with intermission (We anticipate the use of strobes and strobe-like devises to create lightning effects in this production.)

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The story begins as James Henry Trotter loses his parents in an accident (involving a hungry rhino from the London Zoo). To further his misfortune, James has only two surviving relatives – his atrocious, pick-pocketing aunts Spiker and Sponge. Though not a fan of children, the miserly aunts welcome James’ arrival as a source of income and free labor.

When Spiker and Sponge order him to chop down a fruit tree, James uncovers a book of magic potions. James mixes up a potion, accidentally drops it by the tree and a tremendous peach grows. The aunts see this novelty as yet another money grab and start receiving celebrity status from the peach. Ordered to guard the peach, James spies a door knob and enters the fruit where he finds an interesting cast of human-sized insects (many who want to eat him). Personalities collide with the pessimistic and threatening Centipede, the more proper Ladybug, Grasshopper, Spider and Earthworm. As the group juggles for space and argues, the peach falls off the tree and rolls into the ocean. 

At sea, the group is launched on an epic adventure where they must learn to work together and be resourceful. James leads the eclectic group with clever and creative problem-solving. For example, when hungry, they nibble away at the peach (while careful to keep it afloat). To escape sharks, they lasso spider rope around seagull necks to lift themselves out of the ocean and harm’s way.

Meanwhile, fearing retribution from the cash advances they received for peach publicity that never came to fruition, the aunts flee on a first-class cruise to New York. Both groups survive their journey and things come to a head when James reunites with his aunts in New York.  


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Show Summary

"This is the humor and heart of Roald Dahl. We’re bringing the classic story to stage as a musical for the first time, with a powerful New York-based musical team, talented playwright and incredible designers. Filled with unexpected moments, this world premiere is a journey of fantastical discoveries - and a delightful escape for the winter holidays." - SCT Artistic Director Linda Hartzell


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