Harriet's Halloween Candy

Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT) launches its 2006-2007 season with the fun and energetic musical Harriet’s Halloween Candy, based on the fifth book in a series by children’s author and illustrator Nancy Carlson, adapted by Ann Schulman with music by Chad Henry. Directed by
Kathleen Collins, this hilarious, romping musical springs to life in the SCT’s Charlotte Martin Theatre beginning September 22, 2006.

Harriet’s Halloween Candy is the story of a young girl’s obsession with Halloween candy and the dread of having to share it with her younger brother. After her friends find out that she has been hoarding candy, Harriet learns that things are even better when you share them with those you love.

“Who among us didn’t spend at least one dark Halloween night sorting and hoarding their candy?” said SCT Artistic Director Linda Hartzell. “Sharing is one of the most basic, and trickiest, lessons we learn as children. Halloween, with all its excitement and joy, is the perfect vehicle for teaching this important lesson. And this play, with its sense of fun and fabulous music, is a great reminder to all of us, that things are even better when you share them with those you love.”

Nancy Carlson is an accomplished children's book author and illustrator who has published more than 50 books. Recognition for her published work includes several Reading Rainbow selections, the Children's Choice Award from the International Reading Association and Children's Book Council, the Minnesota Children's Museum Great Friends to Kids Award and several others.

Playwright Ann Schulman’s other children’s theatre productions include Peter Rabbit & Co. and Riding the Rails, both composed by Gary Rue. She is currently under commission by SteppingStone theatre to adapt Hans Christian Andersen's The Nightingale. Ann’s adult plays, Conversations About Hannah and Eternity, were produced by The History Theatre. She is currently working with Somai poet Said Salah Ahmed on Peace and Milk. Her work-in-progress, Composing Ellen, was a Jerome and Minnesota State Arts Board finalist and a PlayLabs semifinalist.

Harriet loves Halloween. She loves dressing up; she loves hanging out with her friends; and she loves getting all that delicious, gooey, chewy, chocolaty sweet candy. What she does not love is having to share her Halloween candy with her baby brother, Walter. After all, she is the one who was tricky enough to go to each house twice, making sure she will have enough treats to eat for weeks. She is so determined to eat each and every piece herself that she won’t even share with her friend, Ed, when he loses his whole bag of candy on the way home. Once back in her room, the very important sorting process begins. In theory, this will help Harriet decide which of her treasures she will bestow on her brother. Licorice whips? Nougat bars? Marshmallow puffs? Tangy tarts? Chocolate drops? No!! They’re all too good to share. And they’re all hers.

Walter, however, has different ideas on the matter. He begins his siege. To keep her stash safe, Harriet tries hiding it—under her bed, in  her pillowcase, in her socks—anywhere Walter can’t get his paws on it. Her parents think she’s taking the sibling rivalry too far and demand she give up some of the goods. But she is so worried about losing her loot that she has nightmares about dinosaurs sneaking in and gobbling it all up. If sleeping is too worrisome, what will she do when she has to go to school? Why, take it with her, of course. The big, bulging backpack that she lugs around all day just fuels the curiosity of the class.

Harriet won’t even go to the board to work on her math problem without trying to haul the bag behind her. Her teacher won’t tolerate such disruptive behavior and asks Harriet to leave the bag at her desk. Harriet can’t concentrate for all the sweets left undefended. When her friends find out she’s been hoarding all the goodies for herself, scared they would take some, they turn their backs on her selfish ways. Harriet’s obsession has landed her in a sticky mess. Thank goodness Harriet’s mother understands what its like to make a istake. She invites Harriet’s friends over for dinner so Harriet can apologize; proving to them that Harriet knows nothing is sweeter than a true friend.

The cast for Harriet’s Halloween Candy includes Jason Collins as George/Annabelle the dinosaur, Alban Dennis as Dad/Mr. Widgit/Mr. Wackertacker, Auston James as Ed/Annabelle’s Mother, Michaela Koerner as Tina, Liz McCarthy as Harriet, Caety Sagoian as Walter/Luanne, and Maggie Stenson as Mom/Mrs. Whozit/Mrs. Bellringer. Nicole Boote and Mo Brady are the understudies.

The production features choreography by Nicole Boote, set design by Edie Whitsett, costume design by Scott R. Gray, lighting design by Rick Paulsen, and sound design by Chris R. Walker.

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Harriet's Halloween Candy


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